Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday school

When I was a kid, Saturday school was serious punishment. Serious I tell you.

If I would have ever received Saturday school, I probably wouldn't be typing this as we speak. My mother would have killed me or even worse.

This last Saturday, the whole family went to the Cottage Grove Air Museum. The displays were all depicting Oregon pilots & Oregon built planes of all shapes, sizes & ages.

The girls learned about Dorothy Hester Stenzel, one of the most amazing women in aerobatics. A plain was created & given to her by Great Lakes factory. Our local museum has the exact plane.

We were all surprised that the outer shell of the planes are made out of fabric. Just like your shirt. Seriously. Then they use a tape to cover all seams & treat it with some chemical that makes it similar to awning fabric. It was amazing.

It was an impromptu lesson, but ended up being so much fun. It lasted about 90 minutes & cost $5 total! Perfect!

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