Friday, September 10, 2010

Kenady's stories

Kenady is working through a fun book I bought at the dollar store called Story Starters. It really helps her get started with her writing projects.

She tends to claim she's stuck & doesn't know what to write about. This book is full of ridiculous story helps. But some of them are hysterical. Here are a few from last year:

What if a shovel could start a rock rock band?

Then it would be called the nitty gritty dirt band. And there would be a rake a mop a broom and me!

What if a hipo picked up a cow and thro it to the moon?

And I was an astronat and I saw it! When it was bedtime he told me a bedtime story.

What if a pie had an aliyen inside it?

Then I would eat it and prabrly throeup. And then tell evryone don't eat the pie!!!!!!!!!!!! And nobudy ate the pie.

I'm hoping to see an improvement in her writing this year. She really likes to write silly stuff. Now if I can get her to write on a REAL topic...we'll be in business.

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