Sunday, October 18, 2009

I forgot

Guess I forgot to tell you about our second field trip of the week. Silly me.

Twice a month, our local performing arts center hosts a free concert in the early afternoon.

This week it was the Shasta Session Choir. The concert was only 30 minutes long, but they did a great job. The boys especially did well. They sang a little motown & had an interesting dance interpretation. =/

Cyra especially loved it, since she likes to sing.

After the concert, they offered free tours of the facility. I've been there dozens of times, but the kids have only been there a few times. Most recently we saw Handel's Messiah.

We were the only ones who took up the free tour offer. They showed us the dressing rooms, backstage area, art gallery, dance studio & theaters. Ms. Virginia, our tour guide, also gave us the low down on some of the beautiful statues.

Ms. Virginia had LOTS of questions about us weirdos who weren't in school on a Thursday afternoon. "How do you get books? Who tests your kids? Do they have friends? Are they well behaved?" I knew she was worried so I answered all of her questions. By the time we left it was like we were BFFs. Cuz. Ya know. Most of my friends are in their 80's, have perms & smell like pot roast. We hugged it out & the kids said we'd see her again in a few weeks.

Anywho - it was a fun (free) day in our homeschool life.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Free field trips

Forgive me for ignoring this blog. Please. Right now. Thanks. Now I feel better.

We went on 2 field trips this week. Yes 2. Homeschool rocks doesn't it?

First we hit The Sweet Factory at Valley River Center. Cyra is setting up a pretend business & she chose a candy shop. We went to see how they have their store set up & what sorts of candy they offer.

We did NOT go with the intent of buying any sweets. We did NOT end up getting candy corn, mini gummy bears, peachy penguins, pop rocks or flicks. No. Not us. We have will power. Yep.

We did however end up getting a tour of their storage area. The young man working let Cyra help him make change & did a great job explaining how much inventory they carry. He also gave her lots of info on how much they have to sell to make ends meet & what sort of maintenance has to be done in the store.

The girls had a great time. Obviously. And it was free. Especially since we didn't buy any candy. =/