Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Did I make the right choice?

No, I'm not worried if I made the right choice to homeschool or not. I still feel like it's right for my kids.

I'm worried if I chose the correct math curriculum.

I had suggestions from all over the U.S. on which curriculum to use. Some suggested Abeka. A few suggestion Singapore. Most suggested Math U See.

I went with Math U See after watching an instruction video. I felt it was presented in a way that my kids would understand. I bought Cyra the Epsilon level & the Zeta level. She tested in towards the end of Epsilon, but figured I could still use it for Kenady & Campbell later on.

Then this morning I read a blog post by Mrs. G over at Pioneer Woman. She recommended a math program called Teaching Textbooks.

I went through their website & LOVED their program. Everything seemed like so much fun. And simple to understand. And less paperwork since most of it is done online.

The cost is a bit more than Math U See, but again I would use it for the younger kids.

Let me just confess that I'm a bit of a strict mom. I like order. I like worksheets. I like instructing. Too bad this is not about me.

Problem is, I need to remember my goal in homeschooling. It was to teach my kids to teach themselves. I want them to love learning. I want them to feel success because of their hardwork.

So we will continue w/ the Math U See Epsilon level for part of this year. But as soon as I can find it on sale, I'm getting the Teaching Textbook. I'm selling the Zeta level on ebay & putting that money away to help w/ the cost of the new curriculum. Hm. That's a math lesson for the kids right there.

Who said math can't be fun?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School's out for Summer...sorta

So Alice Cooper is a little bit accurate. School's been out most of the Summer.

We had planned on doing school throughout the whole Summer to see if we really liked homeschooling. We knew right away that we did. Life hit & we've been busy for weeks now. But at least a few days a week the girls ask, no BEG, "can we have school today." I obviously oblige.

Cyra's loving her history book. She's learning about each of the Presidents still. I'm loving it too. Amazing how much I didn't pay attention in school. I was a good faker I guess. I pretty much got straight A's. Not sure how that happened.

I finally decided on a math & english curriculum. We went w/ Mathusee & Rod & Staff. We haven't started either of them though. I'm waiting until I have a few days alone next week to plan my year.

Kenady's favorite so far is math. Last week we set up "bus stops" w/ little doll houses. I gave her 5 "people" and asked her to come up w/ all the different addition sentences she could. She'd put 1 person at the first stop then divide up the rest among the other stops. She had a great time & it gave me a few minutes to help Cyra w/ her work.

So posts will be few & far between until we officially start this fall. We're kicking off our first day on Sept 8 w/ a "not going back to school" party at Splash swim center.

I'm trying to get things in order so the year will be as smooth as possible. We I could use all the prayers you're willing to give!