Wednesday, June 24, 2009

John Adams

I am learning about John Adams this week. Here are 9 facts about him.
#1. He was born Oct. 30, 1735
#2. He was born in Massachusetts
#3. He was a Federalist
#4. His V.P. was Thomas Jefferson
#5. His term was March 4, 1797- March 3, 1801
#6. His son was also elected president
#7. His son's name was John Quincy Adams
#8. His wife's name was Abigail
#9. He died July 4, 1826

Tune in next time for Thomas Jefferson.

Posted by Cyra.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

George Washington

Today I learned about George Washington. Here are 9 interesting facts about him (Because I'm 9):
1.) He didn't go to college.
2.) He was made president at age 57.
3.) When he was running for president, there was no runner up.
4.) He was voted for unanimously.
5.) He died 2 years after his retirement.
6.) He was a Federalist.
7.) His V.P. was John Adams.
8.) He was born and died in Virginia.
9.) He died at age 67.

I'm doing 1 president a week. Stay tuned next week for John Adams! That's webdings for JOHN ADAMS! ~ Cyra

Why in the world would you homeschool?

I've heard this question about 2 dozen times since I've started researching homeschooling.

For one, my girls are sitting in school for hours a day being babysat. They both are above their grade level in most subjects, so they are waiting for other students a lot of the time. Child 1 is several grades above 4th in her math skills. She's thoroughly bored out of her mind.

Another reason is that I'm tired of asking them to drop their faith at the door. Once they're at school, God can no longer be mentioned & worry that after awhile they might forget to think of him too. Being 2 different people seems like it would be exhausting.

Lastly, I really enjoy a messy house. Ok, this isn't true. I'm just prepping myself for the constant chaos I hear about from the wonderful homeschooling moms I've been getting advice from.

So this will be the place I'll come to when I have something excited to say. It'll also be the place I'll come to when I need a good cry. My girls will also have the chance to journal about their experiences here, so you're guaranteed a laugh every now & again. Especially if Child 3 writes, she's only 3!